OPINION: I won’t be voting for parties pushing environmental issues

DEAR News Of The Area,

I DO a lot to help the environment but I won’t be voting for any of the parties pushing environmental issues or climate change on 25 March.

I already do all I can in my own personal space to maintain our environment; I put our green, red and yellow bins to optimum use.

In our house we have taken up the opportunities in regards to solar power panels and solar hot water as well as insulation batts in the ceiling.

I throw my used coffee grounds on the garden instead of down the drain.

I save used cooking oil for the same reason.

We grow our own herbs and some fruit in our small garden.

I recycle as much as I can.

Like most people I try to do my bit and as technology finds other ways to help, I’ll be on-board for that, too.

So, why would I not vote for parties with a predominant focus on all things environmental and climate change?

Mostly because they frustrate me.

The world has survived for millennia through several climate changes including global warming and ice ages.

Humans have survived these changes better than other animals, mostly because we can adapt.

Frustration rises when finally we see the new bypass going ahead, then an uproar about one small piece of land.

I see the powers-that-be are taking things seriously enough to look at the issue.

That’s good.

But why was the concern not raised before plans were finalised?

There was plenty of opportunity, it seems to me.

Hopefully, the positive outcome will mean no more delays due to environmental issues.

I’m also frustrated when I hear that our school children are being taught how bad we are treating our land, when really – are we?

Children are learning in their own homes about how to look after our environment.

I think Australia is doing OK compared to most other countries.

Resources spent on many “green” issues would be better spent on quality education, health services, industry and infrastructure.

Coffs Coast.

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