OPINION: Inaction on pool reopening

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE senior residents of Coffs Harbour and surrounding districts are asking why the heated pool situated at the Coffs Base Hospital has been closed since before Covid and still hasn’t reopened yet.

Is it because it’s used as storage space and nobody has the initiative to clean it up and re-open this very important pool that was used for four classes each day, six days a week by 250 paying people?

For the past 25 years water exercise has been prescribed for people with arthritis, lower blood pressure, diabetes, cardio and to shed extra pounds.

The extra resistance of walking in water allows you to challenge and strengthen your muscles which you cannot do on land as the buoyancy of the water reduces impact on joints.

The volunteer teachers are keen to start, and are waiting on the OK from the hospital hierarchy.

Coffs Harbour.

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