OPINION: International Day of Action on Big Biomass


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THE International Day of Action on Big Biomass was held this week on Thursday 21 October.

Conservationists from around the globe highlighted the need to stop this industry at a time when we have reached a ‘Climate Code Red’ emergency.

The biofuel industry has been disastrous overseas and has had a huge impact on biodiversity, water and soil resources.

Massive areas of rainforest in Asia have been destroyed for palm oil plantations (more than 50% of palm oil is now used for biofuel in Europe) and vast areas of moist forest in south-eastern America have been clear felled.

According to the Bob Brown Foundation, “Forest biomass releases even more carbon than coal and is just another excuse for propping up the destructive and economically senseless logging industry.”

The ‘North East Forest Alliance’ has determined that 140,000 hectares from Taree to Grafton is earmarked for clear-felling to provide biomass fuel for this industry. Action taken by the Forestry Corporation and the Department of Primary Industries to develop this industry is fully supported by the NSW National Party, according to Michael Jones from the ‘Forest Ecology Alliance’.

The claim that only timber waste will be used is incorrect.

Forests will be cut down as huge quantities of biomass are required to keep furnaces going.

One Power station in the Hunter valley identified for biomass use would emit about two million tons of carbon dioxide per annum if this industry proceeds.

Generating electricity from biomass is three times more expensive than electricity generation from solar.

Carbon dioxide emissions from biomass are around 100% more than are produced by burning coal.

Forest Ecology Alliance.

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