OPINION: Is Coffs CBD unfriendly to senior citizens?

DEAR News Of The Area,

ONE very sad aspect of our CBD is that it is blatantly clear it is becoming increasingly senior citizen unfriendly.

There is a huge shortage of handy car parks for the elderly and infirm.

There comes a time when it becomes a necessity to visit this area but really who cares?

We have an ageing population in our fair city and many more people find our wonderful climate and attractions a huge draw card for future relocation.

But, and this is a big but, have any of the people making the decisions regarding development in the CBD given any thought or consideration to the difficulties being experienced by our citizens currently.

Whilst they enjoy parking privileges as part of their employment package, one day that may well be not the case.

Oh dear.

As previously stated, we have a number of large unoccupied buildings in our city also included amongst them a redundant nursing home.

Winter is fast approaching and we have many homeless people.


Kindest regards,
North Boambee Valley.

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