OPINION: Jetty Foreshores and Yarrila place are different animals

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN response to ‘Council, please be the voice of the people!’ (p26, Coffs Coast NOTA, 22 July Edition).

Firstly, whether one is for or against the draft Jetty Foreshores development, or historically for or against the Yarrila Place development, I think it would serve us all well if we stick to facts and not just an expression of biases.

Secondly, it does no good to your argument to conflate these two projects as they are fundamentally different animals.

Notwithstanding any crossover between local government and state government, the proposal for the Jetty Foreshores is a state government project (hence the more direct involvement of our state member), whereas the Yarrila development is a local government project.


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