OPINION: Let us not forget

DEAR News Of The Area,

IT would seem that our electorate’s state election will likely be between the re-election of our excellently performing MP Gurmesh Singh and the preference sharing group of Tony Judge (Labor), Sally Townley (Independent, former Greens, non-resident) and Tim Nott (Greens) candidates.

When voting, let us not forget that the Independent candidate, whilst a councillor, voted in favour of the financially disastrous and eyesore Yarrila project, dismissing the views of the majority of residents.

The Labor candidate and the Greens publicly declared their support of Yarrila.

Presently, with regard to the Jetty Foreshore project, the Independent and Labor candidates, as Councillors, together with a Greens Councilor, have again dismissed the majority views in favour of the NSW government’s proposals.

As Councillors, candidates Townley and Judge, voted against just discussing changing the Council election process from the existing ‘group system’ to a ward system.

The three afore-mentioned alternatives to Gurmesh have all demonstrated financial incompetence and have continually disregarded the views of the majority.

Regardless of whoever wins government and one’s political preferences, for the good of Coffs Harbour’s future and community, it is imperative that the proven performer, Gurmesh Singh, is re-elected.


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