OPINION: Make remediation of Korora Lagoons a priority

DEAR News Of The Area,

SUBMISSIONS closed Friday 6 October for individuals to “have their say” regarding the remediation of the Kororo Lagoons.

The Korora Lagoons are facing the same fate as all the other waterways between Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga.
The fact they are man made is irrelevant to any decision regarding their ongoing remediation. They were created using the existing water catchment pathways that have been formed over thousands of years across the escarpment of the ridge running parallel to the coast between Crossmaglen and Woolgoolga and specifically those which flow through the Korora Basin.

Like all the waterways in our city their flows have been impinged by residential industrial and agricultural development and the creation of transport corridors at the foot of this escarpment. These waterways have served to flush the natural creeks and springs throughout the area and contribute to the health of the Solitary Islands Marine Park as well as the health and wellbeing of the human inhabitants of the area.

These lagoons like Hearnes Lake, Moonee Creek and Coffs Creek make life here on the Coffs Coast what it is.

A place which offers a healthy and pleasurable lifestyle for everyone who chooses to live here.

At the rate of destruction of our coastal environment Coffs Harbour will be a very different place in years to come and it is imperative we do all we can to maintain it as a premier location for people to live into the future.

The salvinia infestation which has all but completely covered the Korora Lagoons is considered one of Australia’s worst aquatic weeds.

The effects of aquatic weed infestations consequently impact ecosystem health, biodiversity, water quality and related ecosystem services; agricultural industries and productivity; commercial and recreational fishing industries; and, social activities including boating, swimming and other recreational water sports.

The Korora Lagoons are an integral part of the environment that has seen Korora become one of our most attractive seaside locations.

They have added over the years to the sense of place enjoyed by the residents and when in good health provided leisure opportunities for the children and local families.

This has also contributed to the growth in value of properties in this suburb which returns healthy rate revenue to the City of Coffs Harbour.

If Coffs Harbour is serious about being a fifteen minute Smart City the preservation of the amenity of our environment needs to be addressed in order that citizens can live a healthy lifestyle in their immediate environment.

The remediation of these lagoons is essential if this is to be a reality rather than a meaningless platitude.

I call on City of Coffs Harbour to give priority to the remediation and ongoing health of all four Korora Lagoons for the “continued health and wellbeing of its residents and ratepayers by promoting connection inclusion and healthy environments and communities” as stated in the 15 Minute Smart City Plan.

On another note, thank you to the City of Coffs Harbour for the clearing of road side drainage along Hogbin Drive to accommodate future excess runoff which will occur due to the creation of the airport technology park and nearby residential development.

It might be a good idea if these drainage ditches were also cleared of all the litter and debris which has been revealed by this work.

I would hope this litter and debris will not find its way into the ocean.


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