OPINION: Orlando St and Highway Intersection

DEAR News Of The Area,

WRITING to support a very good letter from Peter G Farquhar about this in the 17/02/2023 edition of NOTA.

His suggestions about how the current mobile traffic jams at this intersection could be reduced are excellent and would be relatively easy to achieve.

It would be a good thing if council and Transport for NSW took notice and acted.

This busy intersection is a major impediment to movement in the city and is long overdue for a review and makeover.

It wastes people’s time, obstructs business and creates pollution.

The crossings are also very busy and dreadful for pedestrians especially those with mobility problems.

These problems won’t go away when the by-pass is finally opened.

Over to you City of Coffs Harbour and Transport for NSW.

Kind Regards,
Lorraine OSBORN.

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