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Dear Denise,
Do I need to do anything to help the Agent?
Rick, Medowie

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Hi Rick, Beside from my usual advice of always presenting a home immaculately, stylishly and clutter free, one of the other things I love to see my sellers doing is to assist in the promotion and ultimately help sell their own property. So when you see your home FOR SALE online, jump on board and share the link to the listing with all your friends and family on your Facebook and social media pages.

You may think that your friends and family won’t be interested or that you’re spamming them with your personal advertisement but seriously, who cares? One of them might actually be interested in buying it or they may know someone who is seeking a home just like it. A lot of the time people have family who want other family members to move closer to them as well, so it’s certainly worth sharing. Request that your friends and family share it too. Another tip is not to just promote it once, share your property and talk about your property whenever an opportunity arises.

Give yourself every possible chance of a successful sale!

I hope this helps.

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