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Dear Denise,

Should I Buy a Home?
GF Raymond Terrace

AS a real estate agent, I’m asked all the time should people buy a home and when. The answer is entirely personal to you though I’m afraid. Whether you’re ready to commit, whether you can afford it, whether you’re the right fit as a home owner/investor.

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For example, I know landlords who constantly drive-by their investment property to see if they can catch the tenants out doing something wrong. That is not right, and you should seriously consider whether you are suitable landlord material. It’s just not worth the stress on you, your tenant and the managing agent. I also know people who can afford to buy a property but choose not to, stating that they find it easier and far more convenient to rent.

I don’t suggest that you try to time the market either. The time to buy is when you’re emotionally and financially ready.

If the media are announcing that the market is dire and going to get far worse, don’t hold out until that end day as you may never see it. The market is a fickle beast and hard to predict.

Hope that helps.

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