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Dear Denise,
What’s with the new Price Range on Properties For Sale?

I’VE had a lot of buyers confused over this new pricing technique of late, not being sure what price they are meant to offer, or how to go about it.

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This new system replaces the old “offers over” pricing.

You will find agents are using the price range lately and this is due to “Offers Over” not being allowed to be used anymore.

The pricing range must not have more than a 10% difference ie $300,000 – $330,000.

Agents are indicating to the buyer that their seller is seeking a price within this range.

Once you have inspected the property, and you decide you would like to buy it, you are invited to make an offer using the 10% range as a guide. To give yourself the best chance of securing the property, of course it is always going to be the best idea to offer at the higher end of the guide, but only if you see value there and you can afford it.

As usual it is entirely up to the seller whether they accept your offer or whether they decide to wait to see if they can secure a higher one.

Good Luck!

Hope that helps.

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