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Dear Denise,
What checks should be completed for potential tenants?
DT Twelve Mile Creek

EVERYONE’S heard the horror stories of tenants gone bad! Trashing properties, not paying rent and sometimes disappearing leaving damage plus a lot of money owing in rent.

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Thankfully this is quite rare, but if you are a landlord, it is imperative that your property manager is completing an array of checks on tenants applying to rent your property.

From the first inspection of the property the assessment regarding their suitability will commence. How are they to deal with, how are they presented, what are they saying about the reason for moving?

Once an application is made, an assessment of all the information within it will commence.

All referees should be contacted, whether personal or past landlords/agencies.

Financials of course need to be assessed to ensure the potential tenants can afford to pay the rent amount being asked.

There are also databases available to real estate agencies which contains information on any tenants with previous negative behavior and/or payment history. This is why when you see tenants advertising on social media that they are seeking a rental property “privately” (without a real estate agency) this can definitely be a red flag to be wary of.

Assessing potential tenants is worth being particular about. A bit of detail at the start can potentially save you thousands down the track.

I hope this helps

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