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Dear Denise
What’s Couch Surfing?
FD Karuah

COUCHSURFING websites are a system that’s been setup to enable people to book and stay a night or two at a registered person’s home. Effectively going from home to home and sleeping on people’s couches. So, every night the registered person can be hosting different people whom they have never met before, in the home.

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Landlord’s need to be aware of this as a tenant may decide to be a host & have unknown people being housed on a regular basis.

There was a landlord who recently found out that his tenant was hosting couchsurfers. The tenant loved it and had a steady stream of backpackers coming and going through the property, day & night. The tenant had not gained permission from the landlord to provide these services. Landlords should be wary of the general wear & tear on the property, the neighbours having to sometimes endure late night partying, arrivals and departures plus their landlord’s insurance. Should the property burn down & you were found to be providing a backpacker hosting service in your investment property, would you be covered by your insurance company? I think possibly not.

Hope that helps.


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