OPINION: The future of the Jetty Foreshores

DEAR News Of The Area,

THE Mayor’s plan to keep the railway land east of the railway in community ownership is the way to go, with parklands and recreation supported by beach pavilions, kiosks, and other low key public buildings and plenty of parking for the benefit of residents and visitors.

The provision of land for the NSW Government to develop key worker and affordable housing in the CBD makes very good sense.

The strong support for the Mayor, who stood on a ‘no residential east of the railway’ platform at the last Council election is evidence of the communities’ wish to keep this land in public ownership and not sell it to large private developers for them to squeeze as much profit as possible out of it.

The discredited online survey held in mid-2022 is repeatedly referred to by Gurmesh Singh.

This closely stage-managed survey followed a massive spend of public money on promotion of the development case.

However, he does not mention the numerous face-to-face meetings and surveys of the Coffs Harbour community, held from the start of this current process in early 2018 that have always resulted in a resounding ‘no residential east of the railway’ decision.

Currently there are over 130 apartments approved for construction in the Jetty area west of the railway line and there is room for plenty more.

The Jetty Parklands need to be enlarged and enhanced along with adequate parking to provide space for the recreational needs of the current and future growth of Coffs Harbour.

In addition, I quote from the Local Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Elders Group: “Council’s plan is really well thought out, in our view it will be user friendly, sustainable and environmentally protected as opposed to the desecration of the land for private residential development.

“We the members of the Garlambirla Guyuu-Girrwaa local Coffs Harbour Aboriginal Elders Corporation fully endorse and support the Coffs City Council vision for the Jetty Foreshores Precinct plans.”

The Mayor and Council are definitely on the right track with their plan for the Jetty Foreshores and should be supported by the whole community.

Jetty Parklands Group.

One thought on “OPINION: The future of the Jetty Foreshores

  1. The addresses of those not wishing to accept.the results of the community consultation process, invariable have ‘Jetty Beach’ as where they live.
    Not wishing to accept change from the way things are, is a normal human trait.
    For those fortunate enough to live in multi million dollar properties and wishing to leave things the way they are, should understand that it is the community that owns the Jetty Foreshores.
    Suggesting that the community somehow forks out an unknown, but certainly tens of millions of dollars to buy the land, therefore protecting the amenity of a privileged few, should be seen for what it is. Add to this suggestion throwing in, as a ‘bonus’, half an acre of community owned land in Gordon St, across the road from the co.munity owned, $100 million plus, Yarrila, for low cost social housing to be placed there, is the epitome of the Not In My Back Yard – NIMBY – attitude. The latest expansion of the Mission Australia low cost housing , in the CBD, behind the Gordon St land, is 25 boarding house type apartments on 500 Square metres. Surely giving the Government a ‘bonus’ of 2000 square metres, where another 100 boarding house apartments would be built, goes against all research which indicates that housing those who struggle in life in a large group, makes the problem worse – not better. Souch for the future of the CBD.
    These are my opinions and not necessarily those of Coffs City Council.

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