OPINION: The Right to Choose or Refuse


DEAR News Of The Area,


Have I entered a time warp?

I only went shopping but I had to tell the government where I was.

I then had to show my papers and have them checked.

A group of my fellow citizens have been made second class citizens and we are encouraged to demonise them.

As yet they are not required to wear an identifying symbol but I worry that will come.

We proudly slap ourselves on the back if we out our neighbour for not following the rules.

There are check points on the borders and a premier who is giving himself unfetter dictatorial powers (with the support of the Greens) to make laws without any reference to cabinet or the parliament.

If he next starts to grow a small moustache I shall be truly terrified.

Can someone reassure me that this is not 1930s Germany and that I am still in Australia, although it is not the Australia I used to know?

Sure we should have health rules but it is sheer evil to make a person a second class citizen solely for making their own decisions about their health and medication.

It is their human right to do so.

I am vaccinated solely to protect me and no other, for that is all this vaccine does.

I don’t care if the person next to me is vaccinated or not.

I can be infected by either person.

The vaccine does not prevent me from catching Covid.

It just reduces the symptoms should I be unfortunate enough to catch it.

So why are we mistreating these people?

It is their right to refuse as it is my right to choose.

We seem to be as easily misled as the people were in the 1930s.


One thought on “OPINION: The Right to Choose or Refuse

  1. W DUESBURY, well said & totally agree with everything you have said. Currently at the moment paedophiles & criminals are being treated better than people who choose not to have the shot!
    We need a new government who care about it’s people not about going along with Agenda 21.
    Thank you for speaking out.

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