OPINION: The trouble with trolleys

DEAR News Of The Area,

WE would like Council to act on the increasing issue of trolleys left abandoned in the Park Beach Plaza precinct.

We counted over 40 trolleys today in nearby streets (Condon, Prince, Boultwood, Park Beach Rd etc.)

It is an eyesore and bad for Coffs Harbour Council.

It is disappointing that Richies is not a partner to the Trolley Tracker App (to which we have recently started to send reports).

We are initiating a ‘Cleanup Coffs Trolleys’ campaign and plan to be regularly in contact with Council and the press.

We seek Council’s help and we welcome hearing of Council’s policy on this matter and your plans to minimise the effect on the pollution and the eyesore to the streetscape and environment (three trolleys in the Condon Creek area).

Marek OLECH,
Coffs Harbour.

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