OPINION: Time to wake up to human impacts on our world


DEAR News Of The Area,

ONE does not have to be a scientist to understand that digging up or extracting materials that have been sequestered beneath the earth’s surface for millions of years and then burning them would inevitably damage the very environment that put them there in the first place.

It is only common sense.

This however has been the course of mankind without question since the Industrial Revolution.

Until now.

Now we are beginning to see the destructive effects of these actions.

Glacial retreat, permafrost melt, ice melt, rising oceans, rising temperatures, the increasing of the number and the extremity of ‘weather events’, and the slow unravelling of the connections of the biological world that maintained the natural balance.

The inevitable outcome of this situation is uncertainty and insecurity, as we begin to realise that we erroneously thought that the world of past generations would go on indefinitely.

Today, manifestly, this is not the case.

However we are subjected to ‘leaders’ who would like us to believe the opposite, that somehow if you leave them in power our lives will remain the same.

The holes in this disingenuous message are plainly obvious.

If the world is changing around us we, and the everts in our lives, will also change.

Yet societies today vote in governments that have policies that stem from an ideology of denial and obfuscation, that ultimately will undermine any future hope of certainty or security for the next generations, denying any continuation of the world as we once knew it.

It is time democratic societies globally begin to see there is a lot to do in a little time.

To see through the motivations of governments beholden to destructive corporations and big money, who act only in their self-interest and not the interests of the society as a whole, preferring to operate from an agenda informed by hubris, egotism and dishonesty.

It is time, as an informed engaged society, to try to work together with politicians who acknowledge the seriousness of the situation we are now in, who will try to work at and formulate policies that respond to the present reality honestly, and if there is some sacrifice to be made to ensure our future survival then so be it.

The alternatives being offered at the moment is a road to nowhere.

Donald ORR,

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