OPINION: Water issues too important to be politicised

DEAR News Of The Area,

IN response to Adam Fuller’s letter in NOTA on 24 November and his personal accusations I offer the following.

Irony is largely a perception Adam and politicians are often blind to it.

I stick by my claim that water issues are too important to be politicised and yet you sadly persist in acting as the ‘attack dog’ for your National party mates who made the initial ‘song and dance’ around the water harvest rule revisions.

I referenced the DPIE website so that readers might access it to find out the issues for themselves.

I attended the April 20, 2021 DPIE Conference on the Draft Water Strategy held in Coffs with a personal interest in environmental impacts.

My inclusion of the fact that there were only three attendees I think is relevant as I believe it was a missed opportunity.

Other venues in other towns were obviously better attended.

I take your point that many with an interest were comfortable using the online submission avenue, as was I, but it was an opportunity to listen, learn and express local concerns.

You would have noticed that the final report identified a lack of metering and metering data, a misunderstanding of regulations around water rights by landholders, Aboriginal rights and access, the vulnerability of an ambitious intensive horticulture industry, inappropriate dam design, and compliance, as significant local issues.

The critical dependence of our coastal marine environment on adequate fresh water flows was also clearly identified. It likewise made it clear that rules would be subject to review and change if thought necessary.

You can make wild personal accusations Adam and dismiss other’s views as ‘guff’, but at the end of the day I’m sure you would agree, while we all have ‘water rights’, getting the balance right is critical, and a healthy environment is crucial to long term sustainability and human survival.

Dave WOOD,
Boambee East.

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