OPINION: We must consider and protect our farmers

DEAR News Of The Area,

OUR local farmers producing blueberries, cattle, potatoes, dairy milk and products, macadamias, bananas, fruit tree plantations, horticulture, tea-tree plantations, are there for all to see.

Most rural people in Australia are now realising the imposition of political policies and laws, that increasingly impact our farmers in whatever endeavour they pursue, and the threat to their very existence.

One in particular is our march to zero Co2, as soon as possible.

Farmers are the backbone of our country, without them we starve.

Prime agricultural lands are, and will be slowly, gradually being imposed upon with acre, upon acre of solar panels, wind turbines, power transmission lines, etc.

I, like most Australians, respect and admire Gina Rinehart for her support and inspiration to rural Australia.

She supports nuclear, which eliminates all these impositions on farmers.

It’s the way forward.

Peter Lloyd AULD,
Coffs Harbour.

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