OPINION: We need more Cheryls in the world

DEAR News Of The Area,

I PAUSED briefly before crossing the busy road – very well aware of both my pending surgery, and the unwise volume I had purchased!

Suddenly a dear lady of ‘small stature’ stood beside me conveying her thoughtfulness, in these
words: “Let me carry your load for you!”

Believing I could manage, I declined her help, only for her to once again repeat her kind offer.

“Please, let me help!”

I was greatly moved by her willingness, even with my own stubbornness, and we decided to compromise.

“’You take one side and I’ll take the other!”

“We’ll ‘co-operate’!”

Today, I once again found my ‘foolish-self’ struggling with a similar load and pausing periodically, to reach my transport.

There was not another Cheryl available today, and for such a person, I have no right!

It is not my wish or intention to sound critical, but how grateful I am (in my declining years), for the Cheryl’s of the world.

A simple offer of kindness and of cooperation.

What the world so desperately needs is people like Cheryl

With many, many thanks!

Ken P,
Coffs Harbour

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