OPINION: What a Costly Trick!


DEAR News Of The Area,

BAPTIST Pastor Rev Alan Rudnick of DeWitt Community Church NY is clear when he explains Halloween is connected to the Christian holiday of All Hallows Eve.

October 31 is the evening before All Saint’s Day.

Claims it coincides with a pagan festival called Samhain are exaggerated.

There are no authentic historical accounts of what actually took place at the pagan Samhain festival that falls on November 1 not October 31.

All Hallow’s Eve folk gathered for a large meal, musicians played, games were held and the day ended with Mass at the local Church.

People dressed up as their favourite Saints and remembered their departed loved ones. Carving out pumpkins to place a candle inside representing the light of the Souls in Heaven.

Any Satanic rituals or acts of evil are largely false!

The Christian calendar is more about bringing faith and hope in Christ, teaching us about God’s love.

Do Australian parents know what they are walking little children into?

Maybe the truth of Halloween should be practiced as we seek to change costumes to angels, saints, princes and princesses.

Last Sunday evening an alert was placed on Facebook to be aware!

Non participation in giving out treats/chocolates came with the threat of cars being egged!

Coffs Harbour just suffered one of the worst hail storms on record.

Threats and needless damage caused by a false commercial trend emerging in society today!

God gives guidance.

Ephesians 5: 11 says, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them!”

Ephesians 4: 27 says, ” And give no opportunity to the devil.”

Do we really need such acts of vandalism in our communities by those that are falsely misled?


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