Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Joan Woodford, Robyn De Meio and Ann Worboys.


AN exciting game was witnessed by spectators and bowlers alike on Wednesday for the final of our Club Triples Championship.

The teams of Ann Worboys, Robyn De Meio, Joan Woodford and Ruth Jupp, Roslyn Crestani, Amanda Monck took to the greens.

Brilliant bowling by all players and the 16th end with the scores at a difference of one shot the rain delayed play.

On resumption of play, the final two ends were played resulting in the win by Joan Woodfords team 21-20.
Congratulations to Ann Worboys now major and Robyn De Meio winning her first Triples Championship badge.

Social Bowls 20 October: R. McIntyre, K. Blow , J. Pearce- Kennedy def M. Phillips, P. Poulton, Y. Schmit 14-13: J. Farrell, C, Garrett, J. Kennedy def I. Robinson, V. Maher, L. Loadsman 25-11: E. Blanton, D. Doyle, K. Dunn def C. Irvine, B. Bodel, B. Johns 14-10: M. Trengrove, M. England , T. Rhodes def H. Illingworth, D. Allen, J. Bishop 22-16: C. Taylor, M. Gudgeon, D. Jones def J. Rodwell ,L. McLean, C. Kershaw 11-10: P. Quinlan, A. Oak. S. Betts def G. Staunton-Latimer17-11.


By Christine IRVINE

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