Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

District Winners of the State Rookie Pairs, Genevieve Staunton-Latimer and Mike Berube.

CONGRATULATIONS to the district winners of the State Rookie Pairs Genevieve Staunton- Latimer and Mike Berube who will represent Zone 14 at State in November.

Runners up were Denise Walsh and Mark Star.

Social bowls Wednesday 11th October

C Treharne, C Kershaw, J Bishop def H Illingworth, D Futcher , S Betts 21/8

M Gudgeon, M England, C O’Dwyer def C Domjahn, B Bodel, Y Anbrey 21/9

I Robinson, C Venturi, H Hardwick def SM Taylor, J Boulton, K Dunn 17/16

A Oak, J Kennedy, S Stirling def T Thorn, M Trengove, D Hargraves 16/13

C Cartwright, J Clarke, L Loadsman def R Frame, E Blanton, D Walsh 26/10

Mixed pairs Friday 13th October

A McConachy, S Bailey def D Futcher, R Lane 15/13

M Star, D Walsh def C Irvine, J Bishop 20/11

T Monck, Vaughan, G Duffey def S Vaughan, A Stone, J Phillips 14/12

L Loadsman, C Treharne def A Orr, C Williamson 25/6

R Oakley, J Kennedy def C & C Jones 23/15

C Keogh, S Jones def S Sterling, J Slater 23/16


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