Park Beach Women’s Bowling Club

Congratulations to Ann Maree Taylor – the MId North Coast WBA under 5’s Singles champion. Pictured with MNCD Vice president Trish Welsh.

SOCIAL bowls Wednesday 29th May

C O’Dwyer, L Simmons, V Slater def C McVicar, K Dunn, L Loadsman 21/11

G S- Latimer, A Worboys, J Brown def C Keogh, J Long, V Valentine 31/17

V Maher, S Betts, J P-Kennedy def J Rodwell, G Flakelar, M Trengove 25/18

H Illingworth, AM Taylor, S Hancock def F Gaunt, S Thornton, B Fane 25/15

P Poulton, J Bishop, R Jupp def K Wilson, Y Hinsley, L Mitchell 21/16

S Meyer, L Mather, L Clancy def S Davies, J Kennedy, M Watt 22/14

J Clarke, A Stone, E Kidd def C Domjahn, M Long, D Futcher 26/14

K Elliott, J Farrell, S Willis def M Gudgeon, E Blanton, P Garner 28/12

Good luck to the Park Beach bowlers competing in the Australian Open at the Gold Coast next week !!


Also congratulations to Genevieve Staunton-Latimer, winner of the president’s cup – also pictured with Trish Welsh.

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