Perry Lethorn- Australia’s master farrier

Farrier Perry Lethorn, rider Sue Hearn with horse Lloyd,in Germany
Farrier Perry Lethorn, rider Sue Hearn with horse Lloyd,in Germany

THERE are times when life seems to mimic a Hollywood movie, or at least where reality seems so stretched from the norm that it’s hard to believe it isn’t a work of fiction.

Recent events for Perry Lethorn, have seemed just that.

Mr Lethorn is a master farrier, having worked with some of Australia’s finest riders and horses for over a decade.

One of his predominant clients is Sue Hearn, member of the current Australian dressage equestrian team.

Currently vying for a coveted position on the Australian Olympic Team, at the time of writing, Ms Hearn currently sits second in the rankings in the qualifying series in Europe.

Mr Lethorn has worked closely with Ms Hearn and her competition horse, Lloyd (who competes under the name Remmington), for nearly ten years, as Lloyd’s only ever farrier.

So when Ms Hearn became concerned for the shodding of her beloved horse whilst in Germany, she trusted no one other than Mr Lethorn to carry out the work.

She made a desperate plea over the phone, which soon saw Mr Lethorn boarding a plane for Dusseldorf and Aachen.

Out of Australia a total of only 80 hours, spending close to half of that in the air, Mr Lethorn was eventually only able to carry out the work with the help of a German farrier friend, Carsten Nueman, who lent Mr Lethorn the tools he needed.

Befitting the nature of this adventure story, Mr Lethorn’s bag was misplaced by the airline on the outward journey, being returned to him only one hour before checking back in for the return flight to Australia.

In a show of her intense appreciation, Ms Hearn posted a thank you message on her Facebook page, which quickly attracted the attention of equestrian lovers the world over, and many congratulatory messages being sent Mr Lethorn’s way.

Since returning from Germany, Mr Lethorn has continued to spend his weekends with his mother in Medowie, as is his custom.

His dedication to the equine industry has also continued, with him spending recent days assisting horse owners in the Penrith and Picton areas locate, rescue or recover their flood affected livestock.

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