Petbarn Forster hosting Aqua Fun Days over the holidays

Myall Coast residents with a passion for fish, crustaceans and amphibians are invited to participate in a weekend of fun at Petbarn Forster, which will be hosting Aqua Fun Days on Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April.

Lyndsay Heaton, Store Manager at Petbarn Forster, says that the fun days will be the best opportunity for aquatic pet enthusiasts to learn more about caring for their beloved pets and receive top advice from Petbarn’s aqua experts.

“We are excited to be hosting Aqua Fun Days at Petbarn Forster and are looking forward to sharing our passion for aquatic pets with Myall Coast residents. We’ll be hosting some great activities to keep the family entertained and invite everyone to come along to find out more about aquatic pets,” said Lyndsay Heaton, Store Manager of Petbarn Forster.

Locals will be in for a treat with a range of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, such as colouring in competitions, fish tank demonstrations, face painting and many more.

In addition to these store activities, there will be massive sales to help pet-parents stock up on all the essentials. All Myall Coast customers who spend over $100 in store will also have the chance to win one of five Petbarn gift cards valued at $100.image003

Aqua Fun Days are also a great opportunity for potential new pet owners to learn about the wide range of aquatic pets that are available. There are countless beautiful species that come in a spectrum of different colours, shapes and sizes that are fun to watch.

“If you have been thinking about adding a finned friend to your family, it’s the perfect time to come and speak to one of our experts. We have all the essential items a new aquatic pet owner needs including aquariums, filters, water conditioners, treatments and food,” said Lyndsay.

Aquatic pets, in particular fish, can make fantastic first pets and are great for Myall Coast locals who are living in apartments or smaller spaces. Fish are relatively easy to take care of and are an ideal pet for people who love animals but might not have a lot of time to spend with them.

“We encourage all Myall Coast locals to come and visit us on Saturday 11 April and Sunday 12 April to celebrate Aqua Fun Days,” concluded Lyndsay.

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