Tea Gardens School students learn about Anti Bullying

“It’s Not Ok”… That’s what the students of Tea Gardens Public School learnt about on Friday 20 March by participating in the fifth annual ‘National Day against Bullying and Violence’.

Kalista Hal
Kalista Hall – Year 1

Principal Mark Clemson said, “Tea Gardens Public School is constantly updating anti-bullying policy and during the first few weeks of the year we held lessons across the board to reinforce anti-bullying messages and strategies.”

The lessons set out to build social skills and create supportive environments in order to reduce bullying at School.

On 20 March the students constructed a ’Sea of Hands’ using work from all students to share the message that bullying in any form is “Not OK!”

Mr Clemson spoke about the ‘Friendly Schools Package’ and the ‘Bullying.

No Way’ which are online programs designed to provide information and strategies for Schools, students and parents concerned with bullying behaviour.

By all accounts, the day was a great success with students embracing the messages and actively involving themselves in getting rid of bullying at their School

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