Letter to the Editor: Foreshores masterplan is in community’s best interest

DEAR News Of The Area,

AS a dedicated member of our community, I firmly believe that the State-led Jetty masterplan is undeniably in our best interest.

The recent community survey has echoed our collective desire for improvements at the jetty foreshores, including playgrounds, water play areas, boardwalks, enhanced picnic spots, improved accommodation and hospitality offerings.

It’s crucial that we listen to the voices of our community, including our younger generation and busy families, who have passionately expressed their preferences through this survey.

I’ve personally witnessed the challenge of engaging this demographic in past surveys. However, this time, I was heartened to see more people my age and younger participating, many of whom had never engaged in community consultations before.

Their increased involvement provided a more accurate reflection of our community’s desires.

As someone deeply rooted in the Coffs Coast community, I’m passionate about seeing it thrive.

The potential for development at the jetty area has too long been overlooked.

The railway land earmarked for development was once a hub of activity, a freighting depot run by my father Lawrence Williams and his brother Mark, and has now sat fenced off as a wasted opportunity for decades.

We’re all aware of the outdated accommodation options in our city, especially within walking distance of our main attractions.

The Jetty Master Plan presents a timely solution to address this gap and attract much-needed investment.

As a struggling first home buyer myself, I understand the importance of diverse housing options.

The availability of such options will not only benefit people like me but also address the housing shortage across the spectrum.

We see a successful example of this with The Shoreline development, which has seen almost 100 apartments sold so far with the majority of those local residents, who have in turn sold their existing home or put it on the market for rent.

As a business owner deeply invested in our small business community, I witness firsthand the need for a vibrant waterfront precinct to stimulate economic activity.

We’ve seen successful examples in neighboring towns such as Port Macquarie and Yamba and it’s time for Coffs Harbour to embrace similar opportunities for growth.

Coffs Harbour.

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