Petition for the Stockton Breakwall cats delivered to the Port of Newcastle

Hundreds gathered in immense heat on Thursday 14 January to peacefully protest the actions of the Port of Newcastle in an event organised by the Stray Cat Project.


On Friday 26 February 2021 the Animal Justice Party presented a community petition with over 11700 signatures on it to the Port of Newcastle.

This petition follows the protest that occurred on 14 January 2021, demanding that the Port of Newcastle call off all future plans to cull the cats on the Stockton Breakwall.

Darren Brollo, Animal Justice Party Regional Group Leader said, “We are calling on the Port of Newcastle to confirm there will be no more guerrilla-style shooting operations targeting these cats.

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“The Port of Newcastle can no longer be silent on this serious issue.

“Last year’s massacre was cruel and unnecessary.

“The possibility of another massacre going ahead is unthinkable.

“The Port of Newcastle must listen to the tens of thousands of people who overwhelmingly oppose any further slaughter, and make a public commitment to no further carnage,” he said.

The Port of Newcastle has retained its silence since the initial cull, with only one comment made since the action.

“It’s difficult to give it a huge amount of credibility given that there are a number of replicated names on it.

“I don’t believe for a moment that all those signatures are from the local area,” a Port of Newcastle spokesperson said of the petition.

The Animal Justice Party are seeking some form of communication between the Port of Newcastle and their party, and to ensure that no other action against cats on the breakwall occurs without communication between the Port and those looking after the cats.

The Stray Cat Rescue has been working with the cats in a trap, neuter and release plan, aiming to rehome and adopt the remaining breakwall cats.



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