The history of the Avenue of the Allies arch in Tanilba

An early photo of the arched gates.


VISIONARY developer Henry Halloran marked the centenary of the settlement of Tanilba by constructing an arched gateway at the bottom of Avenue of the Allies.

Two types of stone were used which came from the Mallabula quarry and from the conglomerate rock found along the foreshore.

Bollards from the original HMAS Sydney were placed on top of the structure.

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This light cruiser found fame during WW1 by sinking the German raider ‘Emden’.

Using superior firepower, it drove the stricken ‘Emden’ ashore on the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean.

The second HMAS Sydney was not so lucky.

It got too close to a disguised German raider in the same ocean during WW2 and was sunk with the loss of all hands.

This was the greatest tragedy in the history of the Royal Australian Navy.

The original arch proved to be too low and flat for school buses and trucks to pass under so it was cut off, before being restructured with a higher arch and welded back on top or the older brackets.

The Avenue of the Allies is soon to be given a major makeover with over $3 million being earmarked for a total rebuild which includes drainage, widening and kerbing and guttering.

This is due to happen once the $1.3 million rebuild of Tanilba Road, Mallabula is finished.




Workers rebuilding the higher arched gateway.

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