Pianist Michael Harvey woos audience at St Stephen’s Parish Centre

Local renowned pianist Michael Harvey wooed and entertained capacity audiences at his two concerts held in St Stephen’s Parish Centre on Sunday 20 November.

Michael’s Concert ‘PIANO’ was a 90-minute non-stop performance which featured the works of the great classical masters, leading his guests through the full range of piano styles to the rock greats of today.

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Accompanied by his presentation of over 250 slides, and his chatty conversational style, Michael played the music of all the ‘piano greats’ from Beethoven, Chopin, and Rachmaninov, to the ‘greats’ of our generation including Elton John, Billy Joel and some good old rock ‘n’ roll.

Michael’s performance also featured ragtime jazz – with a medley of Duke Ellington and Oscar Peterson standards – the cool breeze of country, the epic movie themes, and a special tribute to the great piano showmen Liberace and Victor Borge.

If you missed this one, keep an eye out for a repeat show early in 2017.

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