Pig Races Supporting SLSC at Tea Gardens Country Club

The Jowler and his fellow adversaries, readying to race for porcine glory!

PIGGIES flew once again at the ‘Pig Day Out’ races, held at Tea Gardens Country Club in support of the Tea Gardens Hawks Nest Surf Lifesaving Club (TGHN SLSC) on Easter Saturday, 30 March.

Hundreds of onlookers at the annual event enjoyed the clear, 26-degree sunshine after the Good Friday rain, with a family atmosphere fuelled by the spirited Club staff, and Jamie’s freshly made delicious sushi and pizza from The Garden Eatery.

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Prior to the annual event, the porcine prancers stretched their hammies to avoid any pulled porks, and were ‘auctioned off’ to some potentially lucky ‘owners’, and help out the local Surf Club, although, none of the porky sprinters would be going home for dinner, even if they lost.

Each piglet sported a special sequined jacket, local business’ sponsorship and individual colours, all to aid the live broadcast via ‘Sty Racing’ all the way to the Big Screen inside, where piggy punters and families could enjoy from indoors, too.

“All racers are 3-4 months old, their maiden race together was on Australia Day elsewhere, and all are track veterans,” Trent, from Sandy Creek Pub in Queensland, ‘Home of Noah’s Thoroughbred Racing Pigs’, told NOTA.

“We’ve been doing pig racing for 24 years, with 120-150 jobs per year, mostly for charity, from Cairns to Hobart.”

The ‘First Call’ bugle sounded before each race, amping up the excitement, and the racers’ goal was a centrally placed one of three trays filled with creamy goodness – first to wet their snout wins.

The six porkers were off, heading in a pack through Dunlop Straight, rounding the corner to Bacon-Bouncer gate, Cracklin’ Rosie in the lead by a trotter.

The Jowler nosed ahead briefly, but was thwarted by hay bales and overtaken by Snoutstanding, Porkerface and Truffles.

Truffles got puffled, passed by Pigmaleon, but the final corner was a two-porker race.

Snoutstanding shot ahead, into the central yard, but Porkerface, hot on his trotters, found the dish first, with a photo-finish that won one excited pig-punter a few hundred extra, and everyone witnessed to a rip-snorter of a race, with five more to go.

“Money raised at the Pig Day Out always goes to our Nippers, and essential building and maintenance projects, like the MobiMats and Youth Shed,” TGHN SLSC President Rebecca Curtis told NOTA.

“It’s not just for SLSC families and the Club, but also allows an integral opportunity to mix with the wider community.”

Pig Day Out will return later in the year in support of the RFS.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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