Port Stephens Jewell Drury Stands for Senate for Australian Better Families

Jewell Drury Australian Better Families Candidate for the Australian Senate
Jewell Drury Australian Better Families Candidate for the Australian Senate


PORT Stephens Resident, Jewell Drury is known for her efforts as a volunteer supporting COPSY an initiative to assist youth in addressing mental health issues through JUPITER.

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Jewell is standing for the Fathers, parents, grandparents and extended families who have been alienated from their children due to the broken family law system which continues to tear families apart.

Jewell believes that many Australia families are invisible to the major parties.

As a mother of 8 children, grandmother to 5 and a foster parent, Jewell understands the importance of family relationships and the dangers of broken attachments between parents and their children.

Jewell decided to stand as a candidate for the Australian Better Families because she wants to ensure that Australian Families benefit before all others from government policies.

Jewell Drury told News Of The Area “I am proud to say that all of our policies will ensure this happens.”.

“I am honoured to stand for a party that stands for Australian Families with 21 policies that have Australian families at the core.

“I stand for the child who has been alienated from his non- custodial parent and grandparent due to our failed family law system.

“I stand for the families in Western NSW who currently have no access to fresh clean drinking water.

“I stand for the Fathers who will take their lives today because they have lost their relationship with their children due to false allegations.

“I stand for the 4th generation dairy farmer who will walk off his farm this week due to the current low milk prices.

Jewell also supports the minimum gate price of 70 cents per litre to protect Australian Milk Production.

“I stand for reform to Mental Health that would see funding redirected to health hubs & community centres in rural areas instead of being poured into referral and call centres in Capital cities.”

She and her party also stand for the beautiful older Australians who are being mistreated & neglected in nursing homes.

As well as Australian infrastructure, assets, farmland and residential housing to be Australia owned and foreign ownership restricted to ensure our security and sovereignty is protected for future generations.

Jewell believes that we need to stand together, to be the change we want to see at this election.

“We are better together,” Jewell concluded.



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