Port Stephens’ natural environment celebrated at Arts Centre

Artist Meri Andric with some of her works currently on display at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre.

THE biodiversity of the Port Stephens region is being celebrated through local artists interpretations of a ‘Flora and Fauna’ theme at the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre (PSCAC).

The exhibition invites viewers to immerse themselves in the beauty of Port Stephens’ natural landscape, with artists capturing the vibrant essence of native wildlife and plant life.

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Alongside the Flora and Fauna exhibition are works by featured artist Meri Andric.

Meric has been drawn to the beauty of her surroundings since childhood, finding joy in expressing herself through drawing, painting and craft.

She is inspired by the ever-changing moods and textures of landscapes, with her work delivering a symphony of colour and atmosphere.

A restless explorer, Meri thrives on experimentation.

She shifts between techniques and styles, guided by the emotions she wants to capture rather than a strict adherence to realism.

Lines, shapes, textures, and marks all become tools in her artistic vocabulary, allowing her to translate inner feelings onto the canvas.

Meri’s artistic journey was honed at the Nepean Art and Design Centre, where she earned a Diploma of Visual Arts.

This experience empowered her to translate emotions and ideas into powerful visual statements.

Craving further exploration, she then embarked on a Diploma of Ceramic at Gymea Ceramic and Design Studio, graduating in April 2022.

Meryl Miller of the Port Stephens Community Arts Centre told News Of The Area, “Her work has graced numerous group exhibitions and competitions across New South Wales and Victoria.”

Now residing in Nelson Bay, Meri finds a fulfilling artistic home as a member of the Port Stephens Community Art Center, collaborating and thriving alongside fellow creative minds.

The centre’s current featured potter is Marilyn Dawes.

Mariyln has a lifelong love of art, particularly sculpture.

A move to Nelson Bay from Sydney’s North Shore twelve years ago truly ignited her artistic journey.

“Joining the Port Stephens Community Art Centre unlocked a world of creative possibilities.

“Surrounded by a supportive community of fellow artists who share her passion, Marilyn feels incredibly grateful for the chance to fully embrace her love for pottery,” Meryl said.

“But the most surprising twist came from a recent family history discovery.

“Unearthing a lineage of potters dating back to the 1860s, Marilyn found not just ancestors, but kindred spirits – women and men who shared her artistic calling.

“This revelation adds a heartwarming layer to her artistic journey, a legacy now being shaped anew in Marilyn’s skilled hands,” she said.

Admission to the gallery located on Cultural Close at Nelson Bay is free.

Visitors are asked to participate in voting in the people’s choice awards.


The centre’s current featured potter Marilyn Dawes.

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