Port Stephens police crack down on bad beach behaviour


AS Port Stephens bids farewell to a mostly mild summer, thrill-seekers are still flocking to the sand to soak up some last minute beach fun.

The watchful eye of Port Stephens police has not missed misbehaviour on the dunes however, with complaints of illegal camping, dangerous driving, driving without a valid beach permit, and driving unregistered vehicles.

It was decided by Port Stephens police in conjunction with Worimi Lands Council, National Parks and Wildlife Service and Port Stephens Council, that regular compliance operations would be conducted throughout the year, without warning, to ensure that 4WD enthusiasts were complying with rules and regulations.

“It’s designed to combat the hooliganism on the beach,” explained Inspector Ian Skelly of Raymond Terrace Police Station.

On Sunday 28 February, the first operation was conducted on Stockton Beach, with police performing 468 breath tests as well as numerous drug tests.

One driver was charged with drink driving offences, another driver was busted for drug offences, and a number of vehicles were slapped with defect notices for not being compliant with safety standards.

“A lot of these 4WDs are illegally modified and not roadworthy,” explained Inspector Skelly.

National Parks and Wildlife Services issued several fines to drivers who did not have valid beach permits.

“We intend to hold further operations to curb activities which disturb the peace.”



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