Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club Results


TUESDAY 9 March: The start of Pennant Season, 2021.

Pennant games are two teams of Fours, this constitutes a side.

Both teams need to have a win to gain the maximum 5 points.

This year Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club have entered one Grade 2 side and two Grade 4 sides, (Yellow and Blue).

Lorraine Murphy, Robyn Webster, Sandra Leisemann and Pat Baker are one component of the Grade 2 side and the other is Jean Glover, Lynne Green, Dale Winter and Maynie Roberts.

This side had their first match at Lemon Tree Passage with Pat’s team winning 19 v 18 and Maynie’s losing 25 v 12, overall gaining 1 point.

Grade 4 Yellow bowlers had a home game bowling against Karuah.

This side is Sheila Rattray, Jan Coomer, Jeanette Emmett and Dot Dallas their other half are Lyn Nightingale, Irene Roberts, Dawn Jones and Judy McGavock.

Unbelievably both of these games ended in a draw, 2.5 points to TGWBC and Karuah.

Moving on to Grade 4 Blue, they also had a home game against Stockton Red.

Sheril Johnson, Christine Fossey, Deyonne Page and Karen McPhie had a loss 18 v 8.

Lynda Richards, Judi Polak, Bette Saillard and Robyn Beaumont winning 31 v 17 resulting in 4 points added to this sides scoreboard.

Thursday 11 March: A home game for Grade 2 v Kotara, a great result here a win for both our teams.

Maynie’s by 2 shots, 18 v16 and Pat’s by 4 shots, 18 v 14, a wonderful 5 points to be added to their tally.

Grade 4 Yellow bowled at Soldiers Point on a very heavy, slow grass, unfortunately both teams were defeated.

Grade 4 Blue travelled to Lambton Park for their match, Deyonne Page stepped up to play Skip, in the absence of Karen McPhie, Wendy Jones sub for Third.

A loss to this team 31 v 12, Robyn’s team had a win 26 v 19 but not enough of a margin to cover the loss, sadly only 1 point gained in this game.

Overall results, in this NDWBA Pennants at present our Grade 2 side on equal points, 6 with Raymond Terrace who presently are ahead on margins.

Grade 4 Yellow 5th spot in their section and Grade 4 Blue running 2nd in their section.

Many thanks to our members who are “holding the fort” at home, you’re doing a great job, that is very much appreciated.

Pennant News: Thursday 18 March Grade 2, home game v Fingal Bay. Grade 4 Yellow bowling at New Lambton while Grade 4 Blue have a Bye.

On Monday 22 March Grade 2 have a home game v Raymond Terrace.

Both Grade 4 sides have home games on Tuesday 23 March, Grade 2 will be playing at Heaton Birmingham Gardens.

Spectators are welcome to all games.



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