Ports Fire and Rescue Offer Free Smoke Alarm Checks for Seniors

Crew member James of Fire and Rescue Raymond Terrace installing a smoke alarm at an elderly lady’s house.


SENIORS Week is a good time to check out all the different free things on offer to seniors.

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Some of these services are available all year round including the fire safety checks.

Fire and Rescue NSW offers local seniors, or those living with disabilities, free home fire safety checks.

Dennis Peters, Captain of Fire and Rescue Raymond Terrace told News Of The Ares, “Under this program, Fire and Rescue Raymond Terrace will come out to your house, check your smoke alarms, replace them for free if necessary, and talk to you about fire safety in your home.”

Nowadays many smoke detectors have an expiry date after which they no longer work, and batteries need replacing regularly.

It’s also a timely opportunity to make sure your home is safe as we come out of storm season and move towards cooler months.

“These checks are extremely valuable, as it helps you to identify any fire safety issues and make sure that your smoke detectors are in good, working order in case there is a fire in your house.

“You can keep up to date with major incidents, fire and weather information, and fire safety information on our Facebook page, located at www.fb.com/RaymondTerraceFireStation432,” he said.

If you would like to discuss any home fire safety issues, or this program, please get in touch with the team at the fire station at any time on (02) 4987 2627.

Free is a magic word that makes us all feel like we’ve had a win.

But taking up this free offer makes the team at Fire and Rescue NSW feel like they have had a win too.

The crews at Fire and Rescue NSW would far rather come out and do a safety check for seniors and those living with disabilities than to roll out in the middle of the night in response to an avoidable fire where lives are put at risk.

If you are a senior or living with disabilities do yourself and your local crew a service and book a safety check.

Smoke alarms save lives; keeping seniors safe through these safety checks is an important community service.

To find out more about accessing this service in your area contact your local Fire and Rescue NSW station.



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