Progress on New Waste Management Solution

The separation and recovery of materials is hoped to result in far fewer tonnes of waste being sent to landfill.

CITY of Coffs Harbour is to develop a waste transfer facility capable of separating local domestic and commercial waste and processing it on-site or transferring the different materials to relevant operators within the region and beyond.

The approach was recommended in a ‘Business Case: Forward Operations and Infrastructure Plan’ undertaken by specialist consultants SMEC.

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The proposed waste transfer facility would accommodate numerous complementary functions at the one location, including:
● A compactor;
● Gatehouse and weighbridges;
● Separate locations with structures and containers for the receipt of separate waste streams for different types of vehicles and customers;
● Sorting, handling and storage of different waste streams;
● Transport of various recyclables/materials/wastes from the site;
● Staff, mobile plant and equipment.

“We would see efficient handling and then subsequent loading of waste into haul vehicles.

“Materials and wastes from the facility would be sent to a range of destinations – such as recyclable metal to scrap merchants, tyres sent to tyre processors, residual mixed waste to an external landfill site and so on,” said Andrew Beswick, City of Coffs Harbour Director Sustainable Infrastructure.

“The separation and recovery of the materials will ultimately result in far fewer tonnes being sent to landfill.”

The City is also to continue discussions with the State Government, nearby and neighbouring councils, and private operators, to ensure we achieve the best financial and environmental outcomes for the community for landfill disposal.

The report also recommends that City of Coffs Harbour stays informed and investigates progress in alternate waste treatments such as Energy from Waste.

While no such facility currently exists in NSW, Richmond Valley Council is coordinating a group of nine councils from the North Coast of NSW – including City of Coffs Harbour – that have been investigating the potential for a future regional waste management solution.

This group has been supported by the NSW Government’s Department of Planning and Environment.

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