Public Exhibition at Stuarts Point

Jordan Blockey and Faye Aspiotis greet inquisitive visitors.

VISITORS to Stuarts Point Foreshore Reserve on Saturday 26 June were welcomed with clear winter sunshine, and a sobering display of individual stories, strategically presented.

The ‘Forest of the Fallen’ was set up as a silent display with the intention of creating awareness about people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, yet suffer mortality or ongoing illness.

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Organisers explained the exhibition thus: “It is not a protest, it is not a database, it is solely a platform where we share only stories of Covid-19 injection deaths and injuries, and only where stories have been publicly shared and published on multiple sources.

“As they are all vaccinated, it is literally, actually a completely vaccinated display, and should never be referred to as an ‘anti-vax’ display,” said a statement.

Local coordinator, Faye Aspiotis, from Frederickton, who ran for election at last year’s federal election with One Nation and who today claims no political affiliations, welcomed visitors, along with several helpers.

“Today we have approximately 250 individual stories on show, and in the coming weeks we plan to share the display in Wauchope, Crescent Head and Nambucca,” said Faye.

Previous local exhibitions have been in public access parks at Kempsey, South West Rocks and Gladstone.

The Australian Immunisation Register-Service NSW, offers a ‘claims scheme’ aimed at supporting individuals suffering debilitating side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations, and urges those who may be eligible for financial compensation to approach, or phone 1800 653 809.

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