Random acts of kindness in Medowie

The kindness card that has been spotted in Medowie
The kindness card that has been spotted in Medowie

THIS News Of The Area reporter was delighted to stumble upon a new wave of ‘random acts of kindness’ (RAOK) that has come to Medowie.

Started in Canberra, by a design business called ‘Love&Charm Designs’, these cards are being created FREE for anyone who wishes to accept some, and begin their own RAOK – all you are asked to do is cover the $1.80 postage cost!

Whilst word had begun spreading about these cards, News Of The Area were delighted to see one turn up in local cafe ‘Sportz Cafe’.

Simon Hull Water Cartage

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Some kind person paid for the coffee of the person ordering behind them, and left this card.

That person in turn contacted News Of The Area to express their delight in the small act of kindness bestowed on them on what happened to be a tough day.

They wish to remain anonymous as they decide how they will pass their card on to someone else.

News Of The Area contacted the designer of the cards, Rebecca Turpie and she spoke of her motivation behind the movement, “I was chatting with a friend about how the world needs more kindness when she told me a story from many years ago when she had a RAOK done for her, and they left a card explaining why they did it.”

“I had never heard of a card like this but I was so fascinated by the concept that I immediately made some as a way of encouraging random acts of kindness and people paying it forward.”

The beauty of the kindness cards is that they can be reused over and over.

“I get all excited thinking about the goodness that one little square of card can create, and I’m even more excited that people are using the cards,” Rebecca said.

Without random strangers deciding to do something kind, these cards wouldn’t work.

Every person that participates is making our world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

If you would like to participate, you can register to have some free cards sent to you at: http://lovecharmdesigns.com/


By Rachael VAUGHAN

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