Raymond Terrace house fire serves as a reminder for locals to check smoke alarms

Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue NSW in action at the house fire.

A HOUSE fire in Raymond Terrace this week is serving as a timely reminder to check your smoke alarm batteries.

Giacomo Arnott, Deputy Captain of Raymond Terrace Fire and Rescue told News Of The Area, “Our crews are pleased that nobody was injured in this fire and remind the community to call 000 as early as possible when a fire is detected.

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“When time’s not on your side, firefighters are.

“Fire and Rescue NSW encourages local families to make sure the smoke alarms in their homes are replaced every ten years, and to check the smoke alarms work every year as well as replacing their batteries,” he said.

Fire and Rescue NSW say that modern day furnishings and building materials used in homes have dramatically changed the dynamics of residential fires.

“The combustion of widely used synthetic materials produce faster fires with higher levels of heat and toxic smoke than natural materials, leading to significantly decreased tenability windows for the safe exit of residents,” said a Fire and Rescue NSW spokesperson.

“Functional smoke alarms remain the primary means of alerting occupants to fires; however, questions arise as to their effectiveness in the modern home and whether the number, location and interconnection of smoke alarms play a role.

“Extensive research over three years by Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has revealed that the number, the location and interconnection of smoke alarms play a critical role in achieving positive fire safety outcomes.

“The interconnection of multiple alarms ensures that if one alarm detects smoke, all alarms will activate to sound the warning.

“Alarms can be interconnected by wires in the ceiling space or by wireless interconnection.”


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