Reclaim the Run Anti-Violence Against Women Movement Growing Stronger In Port Stephens Region

1. Tomaree High School students were well represented at the 2019 Reclaim the Run with Maddison Munroe, Alyssa Hall, Harmony Carroll and Leylah Zeilntra happy to be a part of a movement which supports women facing violence. Photo by Marian Sampson.


RECLAIM the run came back to Port Stephens for the fifth year.

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The event is designed to highlight the need for women to be and feel safe in their homes and when exercising.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey, 2012 found that 17% of Australian women and 4% of Australian men experienced sexual assault since the age of 15.

The same survey found that 15% of women had been sexually assaulted by a known person compared to 4% who were assaulted by a stranger.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics; Defining the Data Challenge for Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence, 2013 further found that violence against women and their children cost the Australian economy $13.6 billion.

The cost to the economy is nowhere near the personal cost that women encounter when dealing with violence.

No matter where women are at home, out running, in the workplace they have the right to live without the threat or fear of not only physical, but also from psychological and emotional abuse.

Reclaim the run was started by the Bays Jaci Richards, Angela Physick and Jo Banner.

Once again women, men and local youth turned out to protest violence against women and to create awareness within our community that no form of abuse against women is acceptable.

Angela Physick told News Of The Area, “Violence happens everywhere to everyone, the event shows support and raises funds for the Yacabba Centre.”

Councillor Sarah Smith said, “I have been here every year for the past five years and it’s great to see that Reclaim the Run is still growing with more people here every year, raising awareness about this very important issue.”




2. Sarah Xenos, Tomaree High School Principal Sue Xenos and staff member Sue D’arcy out supporting the importance of awareness and the need to make change in violence against women in our community. Photo by Marian Sampson

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