Recognition for Tea Gardens Nurses

Those wonderful people who chose a career of caring for others were recognised on 12 May, International Nurses Day.Tea Gardens Nurses

It’s no coincidence, that this is also the birth date of Florence Nightingale one of the most famous nurses in the world.

At the Manor in Tea Gardens, a special morning tea was held with all the nursing staff being presented with a certificate from
the residents showing their appreciation for the care and support the nurses give them.

“Each year the International College of Nurses sets a theme for the year with this year’s being, A Force for Change: Care
Effective, Cost Effective,” a spokesperson from the Manor said.

“The drive this year is that nurses are the largest sector of Health Care employment and that they have the power to strengthen and improve health systems around the world.”

Nurses are an important part of everyone’s lives and I doubt anyone in Australia has not been looked after by a nurse at some stage in their life.

When we were born or had a broken arm at school, somewhere along the way we have been cared for by those who deal with the sick or healing on a daily basis.

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