Response on Opinion piece ‘Electricity for Thought’



Dear News of the Area,

THE letter published on 21 February under the heading ‘Electricity for Thought’ raised concerns about the potential impact on the grid from the widespread introduction of electric cars.

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As an owner for the last three years of two proprietary fully electric cars, may I add these comments. The first one had a 24 kw capacity battery and was driven locally and numerous times to Sydney-Canberra and once to Tasmania.

Our current model has a 33 kw battery used similarly, with Brisbane replacing Tasmania as the furthest destination.

Its supplied plug in cord draws 6.5 amps (cf portable air conditioner @ 7 to 9 amps). Therefore grid consumption calculations based on 80 kw was an overestimate even acknowledging some singular high end cars such as Teslas carry batteries of this order.

Overseas countries that already have a high electric vehicle usage experience negligible impact on their grids and continue to encourage their further adoption. This is to ameliorate ‘climate change’ and recognises the substantial health benefit of removing emissions from motor vehicle traffic. Deaths in Australia from this source totals 1700 annually, compared to the road accident toll of 1200.

Furthermore V2G (vehicle to grid) technology is advancing rapidly in several countries. This allows battery vehicles to pass their unused energy back into the grid. Software within the car manages this outflow to ensure there is sufficient vehicle battery for your next days needs. Electricity authorities are embracing the use of V2G as a practical means of balancing grids.

W Lamond
Salamander Bay

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