Rohan Khan Brown commences RIOT FM at Nelson Bay

RIOT FM was born out of the pure passion of Rohan Kahn Brown.
RIOT FM was born out of the pure passion of Rohan Kahn Brown.

Are you a lover of Heavy Metal Music along with some Punk and Classic Hard Rock?

Here on the Tomaree Peninsula there is a radio station designed with you in mind and it even comes with a warning that some songs may contain explicit language!

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RIOT FM 87 is the brainchild of General Manager or Supreme Overlord, as he is often referred to, Rohan Khan Brown.

“I grew up here in Nelson Bay and I love the place, I cannot imagine living anywhere else,” Rohan told Bay News Of The Area.

Rohan’s passion for music and RIOT is obvious as the Founder, Programmer, Music Director, General Manager and Janitor of the station which he balances while studying a Bachelor of Music.

“I’ve always wanted to listen to a radio station I could listen to for a whole day happily, one that would make me bang my head and get me moving,” Rohan added.

Taking some time in the planning, RIOT first went to air in March this year.

Radio was a natural path for Rohan to take, following in the footsteps of his father and General Manager at Bay FM 99.3, Geoff Brown.

The broadcast on the Tomaree Peninsula can also be listened to across the Bay in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest with the hopes in the near future to be heard throughout most of Metropolitan Newcastle.

The station prides itself on playing music that other FM stations are too afraid to play including a good percentage of Australian and local artists and bands.

RIOT encourages local Newcastle and Port Stephens bands to send in their CDs or MP3s for consideration for airplay.

Riot FM is the first radio station in Australia that caters 24/7 for listeners who love good old heavy rock.

For more information contact RIOT FM on 49844673 or Rohan through email at

By Jewell DRURY

Rohan Kahn Brown at the helm. Photos by: RIOT FM
Rohan Kahn Brown at the helm. Photos by: RIOT FM

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