Rotary Men’s Health Van to provide free health screening for men on the Coffs Coast

Registered Nurse Rob Wooley with the MHERV. Photo supplied.


THE Men’s Health Education Rotary Van (MHERV) is heading to Sawtell and Coffs Harbour next month to provide free front line health assessment and education services to men in the local area.

The MHERV is a custom-built caravan with a dedicated Registered Nurse that travels the state of New South Wales offering free health screenings to regional and rural men, who are notorious for being completely in the dark about the state of their health.

For many males, seeing their doctor for a regular check-up does not happen, and often they are afraid to do so in case they are given bad news that they don’t want to hear.

As a result, conditions which have little or no apparent symptoms like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar can build up and lead to sudden unexpected death or long-term incapacity.

The van is staffed by Registered Nurse Rob Wooley who will check these levels for free.

MHERV Team Leader Adrian Payne said, “Ten minutes spent in the van can only bring good news, either the tests show no reason for concern or at the other end of the scale it may be recommended that immediate medical attention be sought for treatment that would bring the condition under control, probably saving a life!”

Daybreak Rotary Club of Coffs Harbour will support Rob with finding venues and accommodation as well as reception and registration at the van.

This project has been made possible by fundraising, sponsorships and time freely given by hundreds of Rotary volunteers, and with generous funding from the Royal Freemasons Benevolent Institution.

Details of the MHERV visit to the Coffs Coast area are-

Sawtell: 20 and 21 March

Coffs: 23 and 24 March

Dorrigo: 26 and 27 March

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By David TUNE

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