Safety Beach Women’s Golf Club

The Greens Shootout competitors.

TUESDAY 28 November.

Tuesday 28 hosted the last formal game of the year at Safety Beach golf course and 10 qualifying ladies played a very exciting Greens Shootout. Competitors were Rose Morrow, Karen Smith, Gaile Mackenzie, Teresa King, Merryl Kyburz, Jan Weiley, Di MacRae, Lorraine Broomfield, Di Canham and Yolly Gallacher. Unfortunately one player is eliminated at each hole until only two players remain to fight out the final hole. Both finalists were very deserving however, the ultimate winner was Jan Weiley with Lorraine Broomfield runner-up. Congratulations to all players for qualifying during the year and making the final game. While this was going on an Ambrose game was being played by those non qualifiers for the shootout. Sorry I don’t have those results.

Now the Christmas Party and Presentation is the final date on the card and always a memorable occasion, especially for those talented enough to have played well during the year to earn this recognition. Pro Terry will continue to run a summer comp and you will need to nominate as usual. Contact Terry to find out the comps he is running over the Xmas break.

By Marilyn ELY

R/up Lorraine Broomfield with winner Jan Weiley.

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