Salamander Bay Music Showcase with Author

Ronnie Gurr Singing.
Ronnie Gurr Singing.


RAIN failed to dampen the spirits of those who attended Ron Gurr and Cindy Laura Mitchell’s first Bay Showcase which was held at the Waratah Room at the Tomaree Community Centre.

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Author Cindy Laura Mitchell shared the story of the Dark Side of Revenge, her newly released book which is based broadly on the fate of her and Ronnie’s love story which crosses continents, and deals with betrayals.

The book is published by AuthorHouse UK.

Cindy Laura Mitchell told News Of The Area that the book is not for those who don’t like a bit of graphic violence.

“In writing the book and killing off those who had betrayed her in her early life, she let go of the pain.”

“The love story does have a happy ending despite the couple having been married to three other people, and having lived in various nations from South Africa to the United Kingdom. They are now happy living together in Port Stephens,” she said.

The showcase of talent continued with Ronnie’s serenade of classics from Engelbert Humperdinck’s Quando, Quando, Quando to Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley and Plácido Domingo and Andrea Bocelli and other favourites from the ‘50s to the ‘70s as well as a range of show tunes.

Cindy and Ronnie will be back for more concerts in the next few months.




Cindy Laura Mitchell.  Photo Marian Sampson
Cindy Laura Mitchell. Photo Marian Sampson

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