Sand Fly Concerns at Hawks Nest

During a recent holiday at Hawks Nest my partner, and myself to a lesser degree, were bitten by sandflies.

I know this may be the elephant in the room at Hawks Nest, however my partner appears to be sensitive to these bites as no doubt others are.

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For the past week she has been taking antihistamines, using a cortisone spray and a bite cream.
She is just about right apart from the red spots.

As sandfly bites aren’t instantly obvious possibly 24 hours later and their location at point of contact usually unknown, visitors to the area should be informed of the best measures to keep themselves and children as safe as possible by signs stating a sandfly area, signs at hotspots, eg Winda Woppa and brochures and signs stating one’s best defence.

l have seen what my partner has gone through. I’d hate to imagine a family with small children going through this.

I hope this can help others one day.

Greg Punch
Hawks Nest Visitor

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  1. I didn’t know till today you published my letter thanks greg punch . My latest issue is the thieving nsw gov return and earn return centre in the 8th largest city in aust penrith .how much money will never be returned.

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