Sawtell Public School paves the way for centenary with community fundraiser

Michael Hepi, Principal of Sawtell Public School shows the way to the proposed Centenary Memory Walkway.


SAWTELL Public School is building the foundations for celebrating an important milestone in 2024 – the school’s Centenary.

“We’re currently at the early stage of pre-organising for the celebrations and hope to be inclusive of the broader Sawtell community,” Michael Hepi, Principal of Sawtell Public School told News Of The Area.

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“Our school has a very long and proud connection with many Sawtellians and local businesses and organisations and we hope to galvanise these connections in the formation of a working party to drive a Centenary Committee.”

Anyone who is interested in being part of the Centenary Committee can contact Michael Hepi on 66531666 or through email

“To kick off our centenary planning we’ve embarked on fundraising.

“The fundraising invites any individual, family or organisation who has had any connection with Sawtell Public School to purchase a paver with their name engraved.

“The engraved paver will be used in the formation of a nature habitat and sensory garden walkway for students.

“This pathway, our Centenary Memory Walkway, will complement the school’s concept master plan which was developed in consultation with the school community five years ago.”

The fundraiser has been shared across social media and has attracted interest from former students, families, and staff members.

If any community member, business, or organisation would like to purchase an engraved paver they can do so by contacting the school’s office on 66531666 or through this link –

“We look forward to working with members of the Sawtell community and former members of the Sawtell Public School community in ensuring our wonderful school celebrates 100 years in style,” said Michael.



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